In August 2016, my beautiful wife and I have done an incredible journey in Valchusella,

part of Italian Alps.




 A "part of Heaven" situated just in the entrance of the italian natural reserve of "Gran Paradiso".

Really I don´t know for where to start, bearing in mind that the experience was so intense, and so full of emocion, that left us without words.

Since  our departure of the fiery Spain, was with the absolute Convention which I will bring my watercolors, and nothing more enter at the borders of the Alps, I will hurl inspired by the wonders of the Nature.


Sure... the intentions are ephemeral many times


and especially when you´re faced with the massive reality of the mountain. Only in this moment, you really understand the imposibility of the task. I had completely forgotten what is if find you fully with the majesty of the Gods, carved in the shape of a natural monument, and much more, when we speak of the Alps. 


Sure... the intentions are ephemeral many times 




















Rifugio Chiaromonte


El refugio se encuentra en una altitud considerable y es un ..............................















In Tallorno
























Toda la esperriencia me ha enseñado que ...













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